Friday, January 30, 2015

And on Friday, I sat on my great round rump !

I’m doing pretty well with electronics this week. It helps that it’s easy ! Beloved Hubby borrowed my printer cable to establish Dearest Son’s temporarily wired internet connection – we’re still trying to figure out where to find the drivers to his wireless modem that’ll work with Vista – and I forgot and went to print something, to save m’self from buying more new patterns. What can I say, I get a few bucks in my hot little hands, and I can think of 50 ways to spend each dollar ! Anyway, no cable = no printing. Sure, I could just print at the Library a couple miles away, or run up to OfficeDepotMax and snag another cable for a few bucks… but what about this cable over here, where Beloved’s desk (and computer) used to be, before we moved it upstairs ?

Yup, that’s an internet connection. Runs through the walls between the living room and Salon, still connected to the modem in the living room. We ran a different cable for Beloved upstairs. The old one has the same connection plugs my printer and laptop use. If I pull this one through and plug it into Dearest’s computer, also in the living room, that should give him an online connection and give me back my printer cable without spending a dime. I had to move nearly all my stuff out of the Salon closet to get to the tangle of cord, but about ten minutes later, I’d accessed the cord and Dearest didn’t lose so much as a single web ad. Fifteen minutes after that, I’d taken advantage of the shuffle to sweep the closet then rearrange and tighten up the stash like I’d been meaning to, restored everything and printed out the page I’d started to. Go, me !

Working on the embroidery design I hope to stitch out tomorrow. It’s funny, but even now, when I no longer have to share my computer for hours and hours, I like to have everything all laid out ahead of time. And I still want to keep to my plan to stitching out a design at least once a week. It keeps me from getting too stressed about the whole machine embroidery thing, and keeps me from feeling too guilty when I buy a bunch more designs on a fantastic sale today ! Not to mention, it keeps me too busy sewing new one-of-a-kind goodies to eat out of boredom or other non-hungry emotions. 

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