Friday, August 1, 2014

The button isn't lying. . .

Had an attack of Lazy today, mostly because I was up kinda late finishing up those shorts. Slept in a bit, but didn’t get nearly the sleep I have been, so I’ve been rather lethargic all day. Decided the laundry can wait ‘til Monday, and did dishes instead. Also planned one of my more elaborate meals – Chicken and Dumplings – to use up the last of a rotisserie chicken that was on ‘use it or lose it’ day. It takes a lot of effort and quite a bit of lead time, but it’s delicious ! Even the leftovers, after my guys pick out all the dumplings, are great over rice or noodles. Made cornbread, too.

I had the opportunity to do a bit of shopping today, but decided to just relax at home. It’s not that hot today, either, so I enjoyed some time outside as well. I’m thinking Sunday, though, I’ll wanna venture out again. Especially since I got a postcard $10. coupon to spend from Kohl’s this week !

Giving serious thought to adding a Merida to the DP&M girls, after I get Belle #2 and Anna redressed and up for sale. I’d love to use them to finance Merida, but we’ll see if that works. I’m also plotting to get those charity baby blankets made by August’s end, so I can get that off the Arena. Put it in my way, and it’ll get done… eventually.

Just not today ! I’m gonna loaf on the sofa, plot what’s next to sew. Hmm….

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