Sunday, August 24, 2014

Belle didn't often wear fur... it made Adam a bit touchy.

What a fun morning we had at the thrift ! Beloved Hubby scored several new shirts and two new pair of pants, which is what we went for. I found a bedspread-bag full of fabric on the 25¢ table, along with a smaller bag of bandannas. Also got a cheapie DVD set of ‘Romantic Movies’ – so we now own two copies of Anna Karenina. We didn’t have one before, the set is so cheap, it has AK on it twice ! Since the kid swimsuit I didn’t get last week was on sale for a quarter, I got it and a pretty butterfly sundress I’ll cut down for fabric, too.

Once home, I ripped into the sealed bags. Big one first. I now have at least two yards of a deep black double-knit, about three yards of a denim print knit, two chunks (maybe a yard total) of a rust-colored eyelet fabric that may be textured cotton, but feels like ultra suede, a home-sewn school-print curtain, four yards of purple and pink striped fleece,  three yards of leopard print upholstery fabric, and at least four yards each of some random print knits, one pink/purple predominant, the other blue/green. Nearly all the fabrics are thick and heavy, so it may be a while before I sew any of ‘em, it’s too hot right now to !

It wasn’t until later I noticed some fake fur material in the smaller bandana bag. But first, there was a pretty pink and white pattern on black, a batty Halloween print, a headband scarf made from a black and white one…and the furry thing turned out to be a winter headband, to protect ears from vicious winds. Nice, but I thought it made a better stole for Belle, what do you think ?  (+1 if you’re humming ‘Material Girl’ too.) All that richness for a quarter a bag !

We also went grocery shopping and got the few last things Beloved needs for school. Then we enjoyed the rest of the day by watching Netflix, taking naps, and chompin’ on chips. What a great Sunday. Hope you found some fun, too !

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