Saturday, August 16, 2014

In case you were wondering where the MH patterns were these past few Halloweens...

I was even lazier today – the only sewing I did was to cheap-serge the edges of that pretty pink fan fabric I bought yesterday so I can toss it into the laundry hamper. I can ensure it gets washed if it’s ready to go, since I’m probably gonna knock out a couple loads tomorrow morning. Beloved Hubby starts school Monday, and I wanna make sure he’s got clean socks… and other necessary apparel !

Got the Arena tidied up a bit, not just from my own usual project scatter. Seems mine is the only flat surface left that isn’t completely submerged under clutter – although the Arena is pretty full of my own stuffs – so it becomes a halfway station of everyone else’s miscellany. Heck, MIL hides her pills in with it, she didn’t ask, just did it then told me about it after the fact. Never puts back my stuff that she moves to get to her ‘scripts, either. (sigh) I’m thinking of using the spray bottle I educated the cats with to train larger mammals…

Ran across an interesting sign roadside today. ‘Cash for Test Strips’, with a phone number. I was wondering if the circuitry printed at the bottom of mine was gold or other precious metal, but I doubted there was much money in reclaiming it. What was the deal ? Turns out, the scam is that many diabetics get their strips from their health plans for a co-pay, say, ten bucks. While darn near everything else dealing with diabetes requires a  prescription, test strips do not. The organism at the other end of the phone number will pay maybe $20. for an unopened, still in date package of them, then sell ‘em to uninsured / underinsured online for about $50. when the retail price is $70. Some would say, hey, good all around, but the person selling the strips probably needs ‘em, and stinting their testing schedule to make a few paltry dollars may end up costing a lot more. I’m incredibly fortunate to get mine from the VA, and there’s no way I’d abuse their generosity. I just feel bad about it, that others are clearly so desperate. 

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