Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Too Darn Hot...

Kind of a boring, over-hot day. The air service (C&C)  was coming by, and they had to check my air exchanger, so I cleaned house all morning. Whew. I swept so much, the broom started to look more like a pet and less like a cleaning tool ! Got so many of the little ‘meaning to do’s done. I feel like I really accomplished something. Until I step into the kitchen or bathroom ! I could spend days cleaning either one before anyone noticed a difference.

I never know what they’re looking for when the tech comes to examine the exchanger. Probably to make sure I still have it, I haven’t sold it and skipped town ! Heck, I felt bad because we left a full cylinder in the back of Beloved Hubby’s truck and he was in FormerTown, in class, so it wasn’t there for inventory. But that didn’t bother them.

My latest funds from PineCone were deposited to PayPal today, so I ordered a little treat. I’ve been wondering if my DP&M girls could fit similarly sized Best Friends Club (aka BFC, Ink) dolls’ clothes and shoes. Mostly shoes – ya’ll know about my doll shoe fetish, right ? J There was only a few bucks in the PC fund, so I didn’t spring for two-day shipping, but thanks to our Amazon Prime membership, I didn’t have to pay for regular ship. I got this one. Should be here maybe Saturday, probably Tuesday. If the shoes fit, I’ll get the soccer one, too, once funds build back up. It’d be great to have well-fitting sneakers in different colors. I’d order them off eBay, but they’re much more expensive there ! 

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