Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's probably not gonna be a problem if you step on these blue felt shoes...

Yaay ! I made shoes ! I’m still pleased with me - I got over my reluctance to hand-sew anything, and for all the mistakes I made, these still look good. Of course, that’s not to say I’m not actively figuring out how to machine-sew these and use other fabrics (felt is kinda limited, after all), but I’m happy I tried by the given directions. If you need shoes for your BFC, Ink large-size doll, or your DP&M girl, I can tell you that this pattern works. Even if you can’t half hand-sew.

Otherwise, there’s not much to say about today. Read Library books, watched some movies. We splurged and got a dozen tacos and had a little party, just us three. You can tell your kid’s a teenager when there’s never any leftovers !

Polished off the last of the laundry, then changed all the sheets. And Dearest found a couple shirts lurking at the bottom of his closet. I found two missed towels. So we’re about ready for another triple-loader. Maybe Wednesday.

My DP&M Cinderella is due to arrive Thursday, because’s doing SurePost again, which always takes an extra day. Least I’m not in a real hurry for it. I have the bucks for two patterns tucked away, we’ll see how that gets spent. I’ve been so spoiled lately, I want to wait and space out the fun. 

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