Thursday, August 21, 2014

Aurora draws the short stick in clothes modeling rotation again...

"But I'm the elegant princess," Aurora thought. "Why does
she keep making me wear silly costumes and sportswear ?"
Finally got off my big ole butt – I think the walking encouraged me ! – and sewed up the playsuit I’ve had cut out and ready to go since Tuesday. It’s a free pattern, made for Sasha and similar dolls, available from Susan Kramer, here. She’s also got it for everybody from Barbie to American Girls on her Home page, all free, with lots of other dress patterns, even some for kids. I had no idea if the Sasha one would fit Aurora and the Disney girls, but I was willing to try ! Can always alter as I go, and I figured it’d be necessary, as the correct size printout looked huge.

Turns out it fit, if quite baggy. If I’d have been going for falling-off-the-shoulder, it would have been perfect ! Since it was fairly close otherwise, and was fine when the doll was seated, I adjusted the actual outfit, took a quarter inch off each shoulder, then a quarter inch down the center front and back seams. The original opened at the front and back, which I didn’t like, so I closed the front and expanded the back opening a bit further. Still a bit off the shoulders, so I may need to alter that later. But it looked good on Aurora, so I called it a success, cut the pattern printout to reflect my alterations, scanned and cleaned the new original for future use, and was happy.

Sewing it the first time – without all the changes – only took one Law & Order episode. Fitting it took a second one. Goes fast and I like it ? I’ll probably make several. Lengthen sleeves and legs, alter the neckline. That’ll be easy, the whole thing is four identical pieces, so I can make it open to the front without any changes to the pattern at all. Add collars and zippers… no end to how I can twist this poor, innocent Sasha pattern to meet my fiendish designs and desires ! (maniacal laugh goes on just a bit too long)

(ahem) Spent a good chunk of the rest of the day that didn’t involve Law & Order trying to fit my new Ariel doll on the LDP shelf. Now it can be told – the maximum occupancy for that space is six LDPs and maybe a scattering of MLPs. And my old Sailor Moon Molly (aka Naru) UFO Catcher doll. After Princess Leia, she may be next doll I’ve owned the longest in the bookshelf ! 

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