Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hope lives at Libraries...

Today I came to the abrupt realization that the 1500ml limit of water/ soda/ Kool-Aid/ whatever I drink to comes to about three tumblers a day. I’d been drinking from a large mug with the ml levels marked, and didn’t realize how little it really was. Imagine three of those plastic bottles of soda at 7-11. Each is 575ml. That’s all I get, in 100° weather, all day. Now I’m obsessing about fluids instead of foods.

I kinda rebelled today. Normally I forego a Big Gulp when we go to 7-11 together. But today, I got a strawberry Crush and enjoyed it down to the drops at the bottom of the cup in about three hours. Bad, bad me.

Got to go to the Library today – where they didn’t have the copy of Brave their website said they did. Oh, well, maybe Monday or Tuesday it’ll be in, I’ve already put a hold on it. We each scored a couple of books while we were there. I’ll have to let you know if The Illustrated Hassle-Free Make Your Own Clothes Book and Gwenhwyfar are good, I’m still in the early chapters of my thrifted copy of Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.

We had some rain, which cooled things down a bit, shortly after 2pm. So lovely. Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son decided to take naps during the perfect weather for them. I noodled around with the wrap dress pattern I snagged yesterday and had to figure out how to make it print over two pages. Ended up saving it as a PDF and going into the printer menus, it was the only way. If this one works, I’ll scan it as two parts and make it work that way. Got all the pieces aligned and taped, and if there’s time tonight, I should have it cut out, and maybe start sewing it. It’d be great if I can make my new doll Merida a new dress with a new pattern !

Shoot, now I want a nap ! 

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