Sunday, August 17, 2014

BFC patterns work for DP&M ! Now if I can just find some BFC patterns I want...

So sleepy. Up early to get that laundry done – this time, it wasn’t that everyone was using the big washers (for some reason, they were using the smaller, more expensive single loaders), it was lots of parents with kids who seemed to believe the Laundromat was a playground with built-in babysitting. Gotta keep up on whatever’s so engrossing on the cell phone sometime, ya know. One small kid kept chasing her older siblings, all of them full-tilt running and yelling until she fell on her face. Then she’d let out an earsplitting shriek and start wailing ‘til the windows vibrated. This happened three times during the 30 minutes I was there with them. So glad my laundry was done, I don’t think my ears could have handled a fourth tumble.

I was so wired, I got everything put away before I even got some water and sat down. I’ll probably finish off the rest tomorrow, get it over with for another week. Tried to nap, couldn’t, so I decided to sew. Since I’d planned on reviewing one of my many Pixie Faire freebies, I figured I’d best sew one first. Gave the BFC, Ink doll’s Trendy Tee pattern a quick print, since I’d been wondering if those would fit my DP&M for a while now.

While DP is much bigger in the hip than BFC, BFC is slightly bigger in the bust and waist, so in average, it fit, and pretty well. After all, hip width don’t matter for most shirts. Sleeves are a bit tight, and really short. I think next time I sew it up, I’ll take a single hem on the sleeves and neckline. Pattern calls for a double fold, and you can see how I bungled the neckline. It was nice and flat on the first fold, darn it. And it’s ecologically sound – this was one of Dearest Son’s old outgrown shirts, and it came from the thrift to begin with !

Belle got to model because Tia’s shorts wouldn’t look good with it, and the light was already going when I took the photo, since I sewed kinda late. But since I wanna sew it again, I’m gonna pick something that’ll look good on Tiana next !

I also wrote my review, mostly because I’ve received so many free patterns from them, I felt guilty 1)for not sewing any of ‘em yet and 2) because they always ask for reviews. So I wrote what I knew… then saw my review tucked to the back. Not because it was the newest, but because I was a ‘verified reviewer’, not a ‘verified purchaser’. Yeah. I’d also been feeling a bit guilty for not buying any patterns when they gave me so many, and was planning on purchasing one soon, maybe next month. Well, if they’re gonna shame me about it, I’ll just keep my funds. Seriously, there’s a little sign under my name, different color and everything, that says ‘reviewer’. Hmmpft. The rest of the BFC patterns were so simple, I could plot ‘em m’self, and I hate paying for a pattern I have to almost completely redo, because most of what I liked was made for American Girl dolls. Not to mention I hate to lay out $4. to $10. for a one-outfit doll pattern when I get almost a dozen new looks for a buck with Simplicity on sale.

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