Tuesday, August 12, 2014

You can skip this one. Really. Kinda preferred it if you did...

Augh. What a bland day. I couldn’t even get m’self to the Arena to sew, just watch first season episodes of Law & Order on Netflix. Pretty pathetic.

I’ve seen the new Ghoulia – the Sweet Screams one – on eBay. And the new ‘student disembody council’ Slo Mo. On the whole, I prefer the ones I have, and these are pretty much just like them, and the new clothes aren’t especially special to me, so I won’t be out shopping for them. Plus, I’ve kind of made a deal with m’self. No more doll buying until I can fund it with either Pinecone survey rewards or selling the two DP&M ones I have taking up space in the Arena. That should light some fires !

But even that just wouldn’t get me to sew today. I just didn’t wanna. So I’m gonna enjoy relaxing and hope that it leads me to more active days starting tomorrow. 

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