Thursday, July 31, 2014

Please don't squeeze my shorts !

It only took about an hour to cheap-serge the short set – wish it’d only taken that long to sew ! I’d originally planned to stitch up just the shirt today, but I had caffeine for the first time in weeks, so I knew I’d be up late, may as well get to it. Besides, the shirt was the hard part. And it’d be great to say I used nearly all the fabric - for what I bought it for ! - in the same month I purchased it !

I had the worst time with the neckline facing. Ended up doing it twice and it’s still not really right, just sort of fudged. And this is at least the third (possibly fourth) time I’ve used this pattern. I still don’t know where I  wrong either time, but hopefully the next one will go better. I’m thinking of adding a goal of stitching up something for me once a month. Heck, it’d be six months before I had to buy fabric ! However, I’m now out of non-roll elastic, so I need to snag more, probably from Mal-Wart. Not going back to Hobby Lobby ever again.

I also need a large safety pin. All I have are those tiny brass ones. Ended up feeding the shorts’ elastic through the casing with a big paper clip. Not as good as a safety pin, but works in a pinch. The shirt as plotted by the pattern has split sleeves and hips, but I think next time, I’ll sew the sleeves shut to the ends, mostly for variety. I do like the split hem, it helps the shirt fit better and stay in place, so that stays.

Wow, I’m tired. And it’s already August. White Rabbit ! (for luck)

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