Thursday, August 7, 2014

Merida's here ! Target says, "Let's do this again sometime !" I say, drop SurePost, we'll talk !

DMIL is back to MIL… I’d tell you why, but doing so makes me feel even more petty than what she did, so suffice to say, it was annoying, it went behind my back, and I’m just now calmed down. I got so ticked I couldn’t eat and ended up having another sugar crash, which just adds to the stupidity of the whole thing. At least the crash and treatment led me to a nice hour-long nap, which helped.

What really ranks is, it was right after we got home from my latest medical appointment, a follow-up discussion group on… you guessed it, diabetes. Sometimes I think I get sick when the irony is just too heavy to tolerate.

Waiting for me was Merida, which was good – she’s been sitting at the local PO since yesterday morning. Isn’t she lovely ? But I can see m’self buying a can or two of detangler spray just for her. Can’t imagine brushing her hair without at least a water spritz. I was sad to learn that Jakks Pacific cheaped out, and placed a sticker on the box back obscuring part of the list of contents. Evidently the Princess certificate and invitation cost too much, and they’ve been eliminated. Goodness knows how much the MH diary sized six-page ‘Princess magazine’ must have run them !

I hope to sew a bit tonight, but I may just relax. I got laundry to do tomorrow, and a few other errands. Darn laundry wears me out ! 

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