Thursday, August 14, 2014

Never did get the dolls... but my dolls will have their dresses !

I’m that much closer to becoming a cyborg. While the defibrillator’s pretty much in a holding pattern for now, I’m going high-tech soon with my numbers. I’m being sent a device that’ll take my weight, blood pressure, glucose, and other daily health test results, and beam them by satellite over my cell phone and/or broadband to an office that monitors them and sends ‘em to my primary care and other involved doctors. It even wakes me in the morning to ask if I’m ready to start my test cycle. Wow.

The device should be here soon, since I talked to the coordinator yesterday, and today, I got the updated directions and information I’ll need for it she said she’d send. I’ve already cleared a space.

Otherwise, we took a mental health day after all of yesterday’s fun – and today was awesome, too ! Beloved Hubby’s new ATM card finally showed up, as did a small deposit I’ve been eagerly awaiting, and I got some of my prescriptions, too. We did some half-necessary, half fun grocery shopping, and snacked and enjoyed the whole day. The Library finally got in a copy of Brave for me, and I admit it, I cried. It’s a very mother-meaningful story, and I never know how I’ll do with those, being estranged from my own. But I enjoyed it, and I’m glad I have Merri. Probably watch it again tomorrow, and at least once more before it has to go back.

I found a pattern I want very much, as you’ve seen, and hope it’ll be in the Hancock Fabrics store I’ll visit tomorrow. I had no idea this pattern was coming out, but now that it’s here, me want ! Oddly enough, I first saw it on Etsy. 

Going to sew tonight, wish me luck on Version #3 of the wrap dress ! And that Hancock’s will have that pattern – there’s a 99¢ Simplicity sale from today through the 17th. Happy hunting if you now want it, too !


  1. Ooo! I found that pattern at Walmart the other day! I think it was under $9, but maybe Hancock's will be having one of those fantastic sales. I'm a little intimidated by it, personally. I'm not much of a seamstress. I want that coronation dress so badly, though! XD

    1. Snag it now - our Hancock's had a big cardboard display of this pattern and the costume one, and from now through Sunday, Simplicity is just 99c ! Go for it !

      I want all four dresses, so this may be the second pattern I work everything in. I wish us all luck with this one, it really does look fiddly.

    2. Ha ha, yeah I got it for $8 and some change. Since we don't have a Hancock's in town, it's hard to find good deals on patterns without a road trip. And those tend to be a crapshoot.