Friday, August 15, 2014

Dolls & Dress Orders

I got my Frozen doll clothes 
pattern ! But it never fails – I go to Hancock Fabrics for a single 99¢ pattern, I leave with a bag of goodies and my checking account $15. lighter ! No regrets, though. I got another sale pattern, Simplicity 1344, mostly to modify the 70’s poet blouse into a graduation gown, and I can’t resist sailor dresses, even if the collar is separate.

Used a 40% off coupon to score a reusable bag of 24 200yd spools of thread for $6. It’s Allary, an off brand, but they’re good. Got six black, six white, two navy blue and 10 assorted colors from dark brown to dawn pink. Can use the pink on the yard of fabric I got, a M’Liss Paris design of romantic opened fans over a floral lace print. Very pretty, and on the 60% off display. Snagged a green measuring tape I needed from a display at the cutting table – now, do I keep the new one in my purse or with the sewing supplies ? – and a 3 yard hank of non-roll elastic for the next couple of me-sewing projects. 

Besides, it’s been a while since I did some hobby shopping, and I had a blast, even though the store was difficult to navigate and must be under renovation, ‘cause it was a mess ! Like it hadn’t been tidied up after several herds of panicked holiday crafters the week before Christmas. Spools of elastic scattered everywhere but the rack where they belonged, piles of notions next to the pin on the wall, no real ‘this is the pattern area, this is the quilting notions zone’ delineation. Never did find the remnant racks / shelves / bin / whatever. It was more ‘wander around ‘til you find something’. Not good when you’re on limited time.

It was nice to see the Frozen patterns – the doll one I got and a Halloween costume one for kids – in their cardboard display. They only had a few of the doll one left. The costume one was plentiful, probably because it’s a bit early for most folks to think of Halloween yet.

In other news, we’re getting Beloved Hubby ready to go back to school. Believe it or not, he starts Monday ! And I finally talked him into a new pair of shoes. His current sneakers were a year old when we moved here, and that was nearly a year ago.  

Sewed last night, Version #3 of the wrap dress. It fits the way I want, just flares out a bit too much for my tastes. Not sure how to fix that so there’s enough fabric for the doll’s undies to remain covered when she sits, but not angle out so when she stands. But I’ve realized I can now make one of these in about the length of a Law & Order episode. Can use larger than usual prints, too ! 

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