Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I would buy this in a blink - if I could find it second-hand !

Woke up and got ready – I was going back to the SArmy as soon as they opened. It’s half-off everything day !  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at the line waiting for the doors to open. I took about fifth place and stood around watching the employees stand around watching us, waiting for that precise second. I hated that when I worked for Disney Store, hate it on the other side of the register, too. There’s customers waiting, all the lights are on and the registers are ready, open the door !

Once in, I made a beeline, basket in hand, hoping ‘my’ coffee maker would still be there. It was ! I also picked up a Monopoly game (Dearest Son’s been wanting one), a math workbook set (he didn’t really want that), a clock radio, and a set of three never-opened OfficeDepotMax document frames (he gets a charge out of us framing his gift artwork). All for seven bucks even. That, combined with the $4.50 I spent yesterday means I got both my hot air popper and my coffee maker for less than half of what I would have paid for either brand new. And I got toys, schoolwork, frames, and a radio as a bonus !

I also donated the redressed Baby Sitter’s Club doll and some books I wanted to send along to their next readers. It wasn’t much, but they took it, and I felt good having the clutter gone. Most of my fellow line-holders were after back-to-school clothes, I may have been the only one who scouted stuff the day before. I was tempted by those gold snowflake dessert plates, they were so pretty and very inexpensive, but ya can’t use ‘em in the microwave, and they didn’t match anything we have even remotely.

Once home, I checked out our new Monopoly game. Amazingly, all the little pieces are there – all the money, the tokens, the houses and hotels, even the dice and the rule sheet. Just 8 of the 28 title deed cards are missing. Shoot. We can replace them for $5. with (plus $7. shipping), or for a bit under $4. off eBay, shipping included. Or I can look each card up online and steal the stats to make our own with  index cards for free. That may be more fun !

The coffee pot works great, and the clock radio is only missing the battery closure panel, otherwise, it’s awesome, too. Especially for just 50¢ ! However, I forgot that I’m an antenna, and I nearly always screw up radio reception just by being near a radio. Well, Dearest’s been sniffing around it, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I gave it to him. Darn. Well, back to Pandora !

UPS did the ‘handoff to the USPS’ crap they call SurePost, which basically means the package (my Merida doll) sits with the post office for an entire day before it gets delivered. I truly hate SurePost. If UPS delivered, it’d normally be here in three days, the only good thing about the PO delivering is that, yeah, it takes an extra day, but luckily, we get our mail around 10-11am. It’s a good thing we’re broke and I can’t afford to order anything often…

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