Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Fun !

For the first time in so long I can’t even remember, Beloved Hubby not only has Labor Day off, he has today off, too ! Whoo-hoo ! A four day weekend ! Unfortunately, it’ll be a stay-cation, we have a few bucks to have fun with, but not enough to really go anywhere, but that’s okay. Between Netflix, Amazon Prime, and nearly a hundred DVDs (plus dozens of patterns, several new ones, too !), I doubt we’ll get bored. Maybe hungry, but never bored.

Ordered my Disney Princess & Me Cinderella doll this morning, mostly because between Target’s discount price and my Red Card (5% more off, and free shipping), it’s cheaper to do it this way than try to find the dress alone on line. Plus, I can sell all three of my DP&M girls and maybe make a few bucks to fund other purchases. Once Cindy’s here, probably Wednesday or Thursday, the only issue gown I still lack will be Ariel’s, and she’s most assuredly not available at Cindy and Merri’s price point. I’ll probably end up waiting and trawling eBay for the Little Mermaid gown I want. As with Cinderella, there’s more than one, and I prefer the newer gown to the first one.

And was I ever surprised when I checked on the BFC, Ink outfit’s shipping, and found that it’d already been delivered ! Yup, there it was, on the porch. Wow. I just ordered it Wednesday afternoon, and didn’t even pay for accelerated shipping. Good news, the shoes fit, and look pretty good. Bad news on the clothes, only the vest and backpack fit, the shirt can be worn, but it’s steel corset tight, and the pants are a straight-out no-go.

But you know me, I paid ten bucks for that, I’m gonna get some use out of it besides plastic shoes. I’ve already ripped the four pintucks out of the blouse, so it’s got some ‘breathing room’, and the side seams to the jeans are the next to fall to the hunger of my seam ripper. Think I’ll add some wide black grosgrain ribbon to the sides, that’ll be an interesting ‘design element’ that should get the brown jeans over the girls’ hips ! 

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