Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My adorable Disney Girls !

We had power, so I used it to sew last night ! Finished up the second tee, same pattern, made from a shirt we got from the neighbors’ closet clean out, and started the skirt. Forgot how thick knits get when you fold it over for casings (or they’re doubled for any use), so I think next waist will get the elastic sewn to it in a stretch stitch instead. While it all looks great on Tia, to me, her waist looks thicker than it should be. Maybe I’ll add a sash or a belt… Reused the elastic that originally came in the Yale cheerleader skirt, too ! There’s just enough of the elastic left to make a headband, whenever I decide to.

I don’t know why, but I had a no-start day. I couldn’t get going on anything. And I didn’t get crap done, but it was OK. Got a good photo of Tia and Belle, and decided to try a playsuit pattern I found online for Sasha dolls next. Just looking at the pattern, it seems as though it’ll be huge on the DP&M girls, but patterns can be deceiving. And I have lots of fabric and need all the practice I can get, so even if it’s as wrong as it seems, maybe Timey Tell can fit it, or I can snip and re-seam as I go. Either way, it’s fun, and I’m not eating !

(sigh) I’m really concentrating on what I eat and drink lately, but I’m not losing weight. Not moving around much unless we go shopping either, so that’s probably it. We’re having 100° days again, and usually by the time I feel like I can go for a walk, it’s already at mid-90s, so I’m wilting on the porch. Well, I think maybe I’ll still push past it and at least stroll down the block and back. Like the pattern, it can’t hurt ! 

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