Friday, August 8, 2014 ? Not so sure anymore...

Blew off laundry today – forgot to set the alarm, and didn’t get up in time. Instead, I got to head up to Kohl’s. For some reason, in addition to the ‘$10. off any $10. purchase’ card I got in the mail that expires Sunday, they sent me another just like it that expires the following Sunday. Today and Saturday were the only days I could use both cards without making two trips there. Still, it felt sneaky, so I asked if what I was doing was within the store’s rules (was tempted to just use two different cashiers or something). It was. So I used both and got three new bath towels – royal blue, Williamsburg blue, and sage green – a casual pair of pants and a dressy pair for me, and a pair of school scissors. We are always looking for AWOL scissors in Chez Insanity. Total out-of-pocket cost : $2.23. According to the receipts, I saved $111.80. And Beloved Hubby says those cards are junk !

Only problem was, I got very ill in the store and had to rush through my second $10. card purchase. Their towel sale was very well-timed for me ! Seriously, though, I was worried I would have to call Beloved to come get me there for a few minutes. I was sweating, roasting hot, weak, a little dazed, and my vision seemed a bit… hazier than usual. It was a lot like what I went through yesterday, but I’d made sure to eat to avoid that. Five minutes later in the 4Runner, still in the parking lot, I felt much better. I felt safe enough to drive home a few minutes after, and when I tested at home, my numbers were high, not low. I can’t figure out what’s going on with me. Beloved thinks it’s a major manifestation of social anxiety – so many people lookin’ at me ! – but honestly, nobody was giving me a glance ‘til I started getting ill. But I used to get sweaty and sick at the end of an hour-long Mal-Wart shopping trip, too. And I’d start to feel better about the time I drove away. I just don’t get it ‘cause I love shopping !

In any case, while I was happy with today’s haul, I was pretty much out of it for the rest of the day. Found a ‘scale it yourself’ wrap dress pattern that’s meant to work for people, but I’m gonna try it on a doll. Tomorrow. Sometime next week, I’m gonna try one of the dozen freebie Pixie Faire patterns and give them the review they want and deserve. I feel like a hoarder for not using all they’ve given me.

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