Saturday, August 30, 2014

Merri's ready for Back-to-School ! (that's good - it started last week !)

I should title this photo 'HeavyAlterations', so that
when it turns up on Pinterest or somewhere,
someone else doesn't get stuck wondering how in the world
I got those jeans past her hips !
Got going on altering the BFC, Ink outfit to fit my DP&M girls. Found the ribbon and resewed the side seams of the jeans with it added. Now it’s almost too baggy ! But it allows the girls to sit down with only half their painted-on panties showing, so I hesitate to tweak it further. May add a ribbon belt, maybe that’ll help.

I know, I’ve been spoiled lately, but… since I now know at least the BFC, Ink sneakers fit, I splurged a little further and bought a shoe pattern made for them. Hey, at least it was on sale ! Beach Baby Dolls has a 30% off code on their home page and on their main Etsy page, but I don’t know how long it would last. I had just enough left in PayPal, too ! You can see it here.

I’ve hesitated because the shoe pattern is mostly for hand-sewing, and I’ve said it before – my hand sewing is bad enough to make a cat laugh. But I wanted a better fit than what I’ve created on my own, so I took the plunge. And they fit pretty well ! It was kind of relaxing to just take needle, thread, felt, and scissors over to the sofa – just under the air conditioner ! – and stitch along to something on Netflix. And, like any craft I can think of, I can’t snack and create at the same time, so it took up some prime munch-outta-boredom time, which is all good.

And this’ll make you laugh – I had to finish the white stitching on the BFC, Ink brown jeans by hand. Yup. I’ve been hand-sewing all day. At this rate, my hand sewing will soon become decent. Hmpft !

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