Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Better... but not quite there yet.

Pretty busy day today. Beloved Hubby decided this morning was the day to take the long-delayed, much worried over, even more studied for math test that would determine his college class placement. He’s been driving himself (and to a lesser degree, the rest of Chez Insanity) crazy over it all summer. I didn’t wish him luck, I told him to go be awesome. And he was ! He got exactly the place he wanted, and we’re so proud ! I’m gonna frame his results sheet.

He was also back in time to go with me to my cardio consult, where we hoped to find out more about the defibrillator surgery. As that turned out, they’re pretty worried about my other health issues – all my asthma attacks this summer, the sleep apnea, and my suddenly ramped up diabetes readings – pooching any surgery and recovery. So, I’ll soon see a lung specialist, the apnea appointment is scheduled for the end of the month, and only time and effort will have a hope to change the rest. I got praised for my weight loss and encouraged to keep that up, even though it was only a pound since my last result, which was thoughtful of him. 

I also got to hold a defibrillator. It’s heavy for such a small thing. About the weight of a filled Zippo lighter, and a little smaller, kind of a rounded version of a Zippo without the cap. Somehow that made it more real to me, and a bit scarier. But I still think it’ll do me good, so on with the show !

Was too restless to nap, although thanks to my usual medical anxiety, I was pretty restless last night. So I sewed the ‘new, improved’ wrap dress. Arrgh. It fits better along the back to the waist, but from there, it’s still too narrow, and poor Belle#2 (this is the one going up for sale soon) can’t sit wearing it without showing the world her knickers. So I modified the pattern again, and hope to stitch it tomorrow. One day soon, I’ll get it right. Meanwhile, I’m getting practice on narrow curved hems, which I need, and I’m honing an original pattern, which is fun. So here’s hoping tomorrow’s effort will go well. I kind of like the one white panel – it really makes the print side pop, so you can rest assured you’ll see that design quirk again. Long as I have white, or something to contrast with… and with the parsecs of fabric I got at my fingertips, that’s unlikely to be a problem anytime soon.

We went out to dinner to celebrate, a rare extravagance. (grin) I joined that restaurant’s online fan club this afternoon and got his meal for free with an e-mail coupon. I’m still full, hours later, but I didn’t overeat – I under-ate earlier ! Their portions are quite generous…  and now I’m sleepy ! 

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