Sunday, August 3, 2014

Something New Has Been Added !

Sorry to give you nearly the same photo two days in a row, but check it out ! 
Shoes ! I still need lots of practice with them – I mean, look at ‘em, they’re awful – but they fit and don’t fall off when I pick the princess up, plus they almost look decent… few dozen more pairs and they’ll look even and parallel, and like they were made for and by a human figure !

Started those late last night, but didn’t finish ‘em ‘til today. Lots of fussing and fiddling still. But I’ve discovered that if I baste ‘em together well within the seam allowance then go back and put the final line of stitching where it belongs, it’s easier. Not so many pins in the way. Heck, my pins are known for pulling the sewn item right out from under the presser foot when I try to remove them. Main thing is, I don’t hate making shoes like I did when I had that marathon effort couple months back. I can’t yet say it’s a lot of fun, but it’s very rewarding to not have to find and buy shoes – and I can make them to match whatever I just stitched, provided there’s enough leftover scraps ! Enough scraps, and she’ll have matching panties, too !

Oooh ! Just had an idea on how to make the slippers – the ones that come with the made-for-them robe and nightgown sets – stay on, with an elastic strap inside the toes. May have to try that tomorrow… Those always fall off the dolls, they’re huge ! I don’t use them because of it, which is a shame, they look comfy and pretty. I’ll be happy if I can fix that ! You know, the shoes really are the weak point in this line. The ice skates seem to be OK, but the cheap satin slippers that come with their issue gowns and ballet outfits are poorly made and don’t fit well, either. And some outfits don’t even come with shoes, I guess they figure you already have the doll, you can use her issue shoes for her tea party outfit. Yeah, that’s why at least 75% of all dolls on eBay are barefoot…kids and adults are so careful with doll shoes.

I also took one of the printouts from the Hospital Gown pattern scan and altered it a bit, so that’s probably tomorrow’s project for Aurora. She’s the only one who doesn’t have a new outfit – she has one made by me, but it’s that blah grey lace-back dress that really didn’t come out well.

Temperature’s ramping back up, but at least it won’t get back to the 100°+ reaches for a week or two yet. In fact, the highest forecast comes on a day expected to be riddled with thunderstorms. Our new AC is working well, even on PowerSaver settings, so I’m very lucky. Also because FIL split a watermelon with us – and oh, was it tasty ! Not sure if it’s my new health mandates or I’m just used to a new groove now, but I’d honestly rather have fresh summer fruit than ice cream, any day. Sprinkle some no-candy trail mix on it, and I’m in heaven ! 

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