Saturday, August 2, 2014

Belle brings nostalgia to the Arena today...

I got to take my sweet time getting up today. Dearest Son was working in the yard with his grandparents – DMIL is teaching him some gardening and plant maintenance. He loves that. Beloved Hubby was up early to study and just let me rest. How heavenly !

But after a light breakfast, I found m’self thinking about food too much. Clearly I needed distraction… so why not sew ? I could even watch something on Netflix while I stitched. Done ! Since my mind’s been on redressing (and selling) the frequently in-the-way Anna DP&M doll, I decided to make a sort of knockoff version of what I plotted for her, but for Belle #1. Needed to work out the particulars with not-special fabric, too, and today was gonna be a great day for it.

Only problem was, I didn’t have a straight strip of that white fabric wide enough for the blouse. I cut the longest, widest strip I had, wrote down the measurements, and went for it. It’s a bit short and a bit difficult to put on her, but I can fix that with the good material by just adding a couple inches each way. Actually, I kind of liked it as a crop top ! Confession corner : I actually had to go back to my ancient site to view the directions – it’s been so long since I made one, I forgot how !  Man, I need to completely redo that site, it looks awful. (sigh)

And then, I made a simple elastic waist skirt using the same basic tube plot I use to make skirts for me, when I’m not fussy about the waistband. The fabric I found when I had to tunnel under the Arena for the shirt and shorts outfit pattern Wednesday. Must’ve fallen out of a bin a while back. Wasn’t sure I’d ever use it, but that shade looks good on Belle. I wanted to make it longer, but that was as wide as that fabric was, too. For being so limited by fabric, the results came out pretty well !

After lunch, I got all food-obsessed again, so I scanned and edited the two patterns I created this week, so I can alter and tweak them in strange and bizarre fashions. (evil maniacal laugh) But first, I had to get the computer and printer to talk, which involved restarting both of them several times. And I now have several printouts of the hospital gown I didn’t request, but I’m sure to use eventually. Need to back those up, too, now that I think about it.

Drove the ILs to the grocery store, fell asleep watching an MST3K episode for nearly an hour. It’s been a great day !

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