Monday, August 18, 2014

Haunting Dollar Tree finds !

Spent the balance of last night repairing the t-shirt I sewed, the purple one Belle modeled for yesterday’s entry. Neckline now lies flat, but I found two pick holes that I really couldn’t do much with, save for touch up with Fray-Check. Maybe I’ll sew some silk rosebuds or a bow over them or something… Looks better already, though ! Only problem I have with that pattern is that it took me over two Law & Order episodes to sew. But I do need practice with stretchy knits and inset sleeves, it’s been a while since I sewed either.

But today was all about Beloved Hubby’s first day at University – and taking Dearest Son to Dollar Tree ! It’s been so long since we went, and we had a blast. The stock clerks were just starting to put the Halloween merch out, and because public school doesn’t start around here ‘til next week, there were plenty of school/ office supplies to buy. And tons of nail polish ! I kind of wanted that one in today’s image. In case you can’t quite see, the bottle is skull shaped. So awesome. All they had was orange, and only a few bottles of that, so I wondered if the other half of the display tray had been black…

And yes, I did buy nail polish. Basically glitter in a top clear coat. Wearing it now, because I like to see my fingers sparkle when I sew, like I’m magical. I’m such a child… but other than that, I mostly bought necessities. Coffee, facial tissue, allergy medicine, a few snacks, a desk calendar for Beloved, a spray of silk sunflowers for my Arena flower cubby (I like to change them with the season, and the white hyacinths weren’t visually ‘right’ anymore), smoked sausages for our lunch, air freshener. And a bunch of Nestea ‘Liquid Water Enhancers’ – basically tea flavor concentrate that squirts into water, like Mio, if you’ve seen those. Can be as strong or as weak a flavor as you like, in any amount of water… sugar free ! Wow. I can’t believe I found those at DTree ! I bought out the six Peach Tea bottles they had, and two half tea – half lemonade ones. Those are usually $3. to $4. each ! They also had Wyler’s and Orange Crush packets for water bottles, also sugar free. I’m so buzzed about that find – they’re delicious ! And no guilt or soaring sugar test results.

As for right now, we’re having a massively gorgeously dramatic thunderstorm – frequent lighting strikes and window-rattling thunder with cat-drenching rain. Of course, I’m sewing during all of this !  I’ve made a second t-shirt from the same pattern as yesterday, and I’ve only slightly skewed one sleeve, but the visibly oops! part is in the back, where it doesn’t show. Hem shifted while I was sewing it, I really need this practice with knits.  A single-fold hem really works better for these girls. Once the tee is done (only needs back closures), I’m gonna make a skirt to go with it, out of the purple shirt.

If we still have power all night, that is…

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