Thursday, August 28, 2014

Frozen Kleenex !

Yaaay ! Got to go to Dollar Tree today – and we had such fun ! But I have to quit reading their online ads before I go. Ours never has that stuff in stock yet. Somehow, though, I still managed to spend money. Got MIL a silky eye mask to help her sleep, Dearest Son and Beloved Hubby’s customary treats, a birthday package of kid bracelets (you’ll be seeing more of those in the near future), some cleaning and hygiene supplies, sugar-free candy, more instant tea, flashcards, and a box of Frozen tissues. They had two versions, a ‘Sister’ one with more Anna, and a ‘Winter’ one with more Elsa and Marshmallow. If the picture hadn’t given it away, you could easily guess which one I picked.

It was Game Day, first one I’ve been able to attend in a long time. Wasn’t in the hospital or anything ! We were able to ride down with Beloved, since he has just the one late afternoon class today. Of course, that meant we stayed long past the time when everyone else left, but I’m not gonna complain about being ‘stuck’ in a nice, cool Library ! Dearest got to see his friends and have some social time, I snagged four books for me, two for Beloved, and a DVD for Dearest. And we had gyros from our favorite shop for supper ! It was a good day, even if I personally didn’t get a lot done. I still haven’t snagged the distilled water I need for my CPAP mask yet.

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