Monday, August 11, 2014

Organization day !

After having to fight my way through the ribbon drawer to find some to use on Merri’s wrap dress yesterday, I decided to knock another of the ‘been meaning to’s off my list. The cats had played with the ribbon spools on my cubby rack over and over, until they’d pulled several completely off, which I had to sort and store with the loose ribbons. I’d left the empty cardboard things on the racks, but that was just wasting space. Today, I reorganized all the ribbon, filled the racks, got all of it facing the same way, and redid the drawer so I can now see all of it. Took about 20 minutes – when did I get all this gold ribbon, anyway ? – but the cats won’t find it easy to make their own toys out of my craft supplies again !

And I actually threw out all the emptied ribbon spools. True, most were too narrow to be anything other than table tops, and I already own plenty of those in plastic, but still, it’s indicative of how my thinking’s going… or how my storage space is not going !

From there, I couldn’t stop looking at my unfortunate Barbie display. The cats had, once again, tried to claim the space, to the dolls’ dismay, and I’d been too sick and weak to fix things. Not today ! I got everyone back in order, but was too lazy to dust, so I still have that to do, but it was more important that I take stock of the Disney Princess sixth scale girls, and do a bit of long-delayed culling. It’s so easy to buy bunches of dolls at thrifts, even if all you want is their clothes – not so easy to decide which go and which stay. I ended up with duplicate Ariels and Rapuzels, so started there. Plus, I really don’t like the frog-leg, super-tiny pivot feet Disney Store body. The proportions look off, and when a doll can’t sit attractively, the doll’s missing something, in my book. Add to the display the feet always pointing in painful directions… I’ll miss the pretty faces, not the rest, though. Ended up with four dolls soon to seek a new home, and spent the evening making simple tube dresses for them. I just can’t donate nude dolls, for some reason, and I wanted to keep the dresses I bought them for. I’m selfish that way.

I also redid the Little Disney Princess toddler doll shelf, although the cats left that one alone. I hadn’t liked how the dolls were seated for some time. There’s not a lot you can do with five dolls, all with open-leg seating, on a single bookcase shelf, but at least now they don’t look so weird. 

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