Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yaaay ! Wish me luck finding a Harvard one !

After a morning of driving my ILs to appointments and the pharmacy – it was actually rather fun this time - I was ready for some me-time just the same. It’s been a while since I needed some. And since Beloved Hubby was home early, I got to enjoy a thrift shop afternoon ! Spent a whoppin’ big $4.48, too.

Didn’t spend anything at SalArmy. The two things I was interested in, a 4-cup coffee maker and some frames weren’t that much of a deal… but they would be tomorrow, when everything but furniture and Collectables would go to half-price. Hmm…. decided to 1) hit the other thrift and 2) if still necessary, come back to SArmy tomorrow morning. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since SArmy’s paperback books – even Harlequin romances – are $1.50. And I was whining that $1.50 for a hardback at the other thrift was ridiculous.

So it’s probably no surprise I spend all my money at the other thrift. Scored a hot air popcorn popper, a stuffed bear, and a cardboard Disney Princess bucket that was probably an Easter basket. For 50¢, I figure it’ll make a great fabric catcher / scrap saver over by my rotary cutting mat.

The teddy bear I got for her outfit. I think it took me longer to fit it to Aurora (it looked best with her blue eyes) than it would have to make it from scratch. I had to take in the blouse and remake the skirt. Ended up attaching the skirt to the blouse, and taking several inches out of the skirt, too – it really was over-full, more than a full circle even pleated. Not sure if I’m gonna hope for a Harvard bear donation or find a patch to go over “Yale”. I’m not much for stuffed animals, except for sentimentality’s sake, and I’ve just never really liked teddy bears. Only way you’d ever catch me in a Build-A-Bear shop is if they have a MLP Princess Luna in stock. Main reason I didn’t fall for the Beanie Baby craze is because most of the initial offerings were bears, and I just wasn’t interested. Besides, I’d already been burnt on Collectables with Barbie, and this had all the earmarks (ha-ha) of going right down that same path. Dearest Son gladly took the bear – it was a nice one, very soft – and I got out my trusty seam ripper and got to work. Then I washed out a small spot on the shirt part. There’s always one little fault…

While I waited for that to dry, I tested out the popcorn popper. About all I could verify in the thrift was that yes, it was loud and heated up. I really should have brought popcorn with me ! J It had ‘Works !’ written on it in china marker, but if what I heard was them testing another – or something that made a similar loud ‘turbo’ noise - they just made sure it turned on, not popped corn. But I lucked out, it not only popped corn, it did it quickly and well, got every kernel, and it was fluffy and tasty for there not being any salt or butter on it. Well worth the $3.50 ! 

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