Friday, July 26, 2013

I didn't mean for this to be 'Howleen Week', but that's what happened !

Current Notes : Yikes, that's tight ! 

(wince) According to one Mattel release chart – made available to retailers – I’ve seen, Slow Moe is due out in November. And Clawdia will be out in December. Yikes. I still remember the search to find Gil, at about the same time, and hate to think I’ll have to do the same to find my Moe…(sigh) Well, it’s either that, or I’ll make sure to have a few extra bucks available for shipping !

This should tell you where I am about Clawdia – I already know what I’m going to rename her. Y’see, I have zero interest in current blue-and-mega-curly star Honey Swamp, but every time I heard ‘I love Honey !!’ from any of a dozen sources, I thought of Clawdia. So, if / when I get her, I’m going to rename her ‘Honey’. I’m sure it’ll be confusing, and it’s not in keeping with the Wolf family naming traditions, but I already have a Clawdia, and I think ‘Honey’ suits that doll more than it does the swamp monster.

There’s other listings on the chart, but again, I find m’self only blah interested. A doll will have to be something special, like Honey-Clawdia and Scarah, to make me want him/her after Slow Moe.

Meanwhile, I’ve been digging in my Library books – Beloved Hubby said I devoured one of them whole ! – and grooving on that sweet 70s vibe in Dressing Dolls. Decided I’d like to modify a pattern to fit the MH ghouls, namely the ‘Lounging Pajamas’ that I saw more as a cool jumpsuit than anything else. Made a few modifications…and it came out too small to fit. Oh, I fitted it well around the doll (for once !) – but I made it too short ! It just barely fit Howleen, and if you really look, you can see it’s pretty tight. But it really looked *good* on her ! Modified two patterns, and hope to sew one or both tomorrow. So you may yet get to see something too tight on a regular ghoul ! 

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