Monday, July 22, 2013

Ghoulia and Howleen discuss the significance of long skirts and the national economy...

Current Mood : Dotty. 

Had a ‘bonk  your own head’ solution to my rotary cutting board problem this morning. I can’t believe I stewed over it so long without thinking about finding the best remaining part of the board and cutting it free of the worst of the damage. That way, I’d salvage my old board, get a smaller one to suit my needs, and even if it doesn’t last forever, at least it’ll hold me ‘til I can get a new one. Heck, depending on what happens after I cut it, I may carve a chunk off that too big one I also have doing nothing. Not gonna lose anything by trying, and may learn and gain something. Sometimes my brain really works !

And I finally made the ‘home’ version of Dirty Rice. I’ve been using the house-brand/ off brand generic box mixes, usually found at Aldi’s or Dollar Tree. They’re good, but we really like the stuff, so I’ve been hunting for a cheaper, better version. Ran head-first into the conundrum today. My ‘from scratch’ (ha !) version was good, but the chicken broth the recipe calls for isn’t much cheaper than the box mix ! I’m saving maybe a whole quarter, and that’s only because we already have so much rice sitting around. If I was going strictly by cost, it’d probably be about equal. Only difference is thinking I’m a gourmet chef for buying chicken stock instead of box mix. At least I can use up some of our surplus rice – and my guys really liked it. Seemed a bit salty to me – and I didn’t add any salt !

Rest of the day was pretty quiet. Made a couple fold-and-sew blouses to go with the new skirts, and took photos. I noticed that the front of Ghoulia’s skirt was still pretty tight. So I added a quarter-inch to the pattern the old-fashioned way – paper and tape with a ruler. I’d been kind of regretting purchasing the printer/scanner, but it was certainly nice to have it at my fingertips today.

I think I’ll make a simple guy’s shirt tomorrow. Poor Heath hasn’t been redressed since he got here ! And I’ve been thinking about making another simple garment pattern to share – and figuring out how to share the last one ! 

Oh, and here's my Pinterest -  clickies !  Thanks for asking, Alrunia, you probably have 95% of it, it's pretty dull. Feel free to send me your pins, I’d love to see what you’ve found ! I need to go hunting for those other Russian Barbie patterns again, so I can share ‘em. Rather skulk through your pins first, though ! J

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