Saturday, July 20, 2013

Venus in Polka Dots !

Current Mood : Re-energized !

I’m such an evil prat. Rumor has it that tomorrow’s big MH SDCC reveal is Slow Moe, after a Facebook photo surfaced then vanished. The image was two dolls holding hands and little else, but the hands were ‘zombie grey’ and the girl half was wearing Ghoulia’s latest ‘Periodic Table’ dress. I’m thrilled – half the fandom is, the rest is mostly happy for us, but that’s not what makes me so consistently evil. In my quest to find out more – I never find squadoo on Facebook – even the squeeing-loudest fans were perturbed about one thing, even more than the vanishing photo act. The doll partially shown was wearing shorts. You know, like most of the MH male dolls. And poor Ken. If tuxedos came in shorts, you know he’d be looking like a fool in those, too.

So, after reading the same complaint on two message boards, LiveJournal, a couple Tumblers, and Flickr, I had one evil thought that I had to fight to keep from posting to each of ‘em. “Thank Everything I sew !” would probably not have gone over well, but that’s my evil thinking. Such a prat.

As for today’s reveals, if it weren’t for the possibility of a Moe for my Ghoulia-shipping, I’d think that I wasn’t pushing off from the Mattel mothership – the mothership was pushing off from me ! The first, Honey Swamp, is based on the Louisiana Honey Island Swamp monster, a sort of Bigfoot. Between her huge hair and my own unfortunate tendency to hear ‘Honey Boo Boo’ instead of Honey Swamp, I have no interest in that doll, save for her clapperboard. I already have a better doll-scale camera. And I have a neon-pink Jem clapperboard that’s a bit oversized, but at least doesn’t say somebody named Alley Gator is the director and cameraman.

And, at first, I kind of wrote off Clawdia Wolf, the Headmistress Abigail – sized addition to the Wolf family, as her panel debut made her look seriously Ganguro. Look that up on your search engine of choice for your ‘WTF ?’ of the day. First time I saw it, I yelled, ‘Why are such beautiful young women doing that to themselves ?!’ and I sure as heck wasn’t buying it in doll form. Plus, I already have a Clawdia, my Dawn of the Dead  Clawdeen. But later, better pictures surfaced, and I admit, between the glasses, the wardrobe, and that big grin, she’s growing on me. Of all the dolls I’ve had a full view of – including the Jane Boolittle in the display catacombs – she’s the only one I’d consider purchasing. It’d be nice to have a second doll that size, too. They could share a business wardrobe, with the soon-renamed Clawdia wearing my weirder designs.

Speaking of sewing and weird, I actually got to sew late last night and today. Ta-daa ! The ‘rosette’ at Venus’ shoulder actually does *not* hide bad stitching (for once !), I just felt the plain white blouse needed a focal point to match the skirt. Both pieces are from NG Creations – the blouse is from the first set, the bubble skirt is revised from her third. I added two inches of length and a waistband. I need more practice on bubble skirts, mine never hang evenly. I’d originally had another blouse in mind, but it was a Barbie pattern and I didn’t know if I could get it to work – the scale and all. so I stuck to something simple, and may just craft my own version of the Barbie one from scratch. 


  1. Beautiful dress! That polka dot fabric is lovely.
    I don't really like that Clawdia doll (I think she's showing so many teeth) but I love her clothes. Not sure neither this doll hair, I had always imagined a Clawdia doll with californian highlights instead of that yellow-blonde hair she's got

  2. I too am loving Sloe-Moe and Clawdia! (and yep the shorts don't bother me a bit! ;-) ) And like you it's Clawdia's unique expression that just stole my heart! I am getting further away from Monster High, but I think I need these 2!