Tuesday, July 30, 2013

At least PD Operetta gets something new - poor Mad Science Ghoulia's still in her issue dress !

Current Notes : Got tired of the awful inseam on that Dressing Dolls pattern, so I altered further trials to make a long, columnar dress. Still have to adjust the neckline (it gaps) and the armholes (too large), but I'll have it sooner or later ! Can't do much with this Barbie fabric, but it works well for test stitching ! 

I almost thought it was my birthday again today ! Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son let me sleep in, so I woke to Braum’s biscuits and one of the bleacher sets completely sanded ! Beloved said it only took them about a half hour, thanks to some upgraded sandpaper. Still, very sweet ! He said he’d do the mattress wrangling so I could have a ‘me’ day, and I knew what I’d be doing – the last bleacher set ! Still took me an hour and a half, even with the good sandpaper, but they’re done ! Friday seems to be the best day to paint them, but really, it’s up to Beloved when he can help me. So excited !

Beloved said our old bed wasn’t worth salvaging, and came home with a new cushy airbed, and a rotisserie chicken for lunch ! DM & FIL are doing well, and they discussed a few things, including some difficult news from my estranged parent(s). Things are moving apace, but fairly. Nothing to complain about. Some stuff to be concerned about, but truly, not much has changed. Just that… new bed or not, it’s gonna be a bit hard to sleep tonight.

Anyway… DFIL found a really nice office chair without wheels during one of his walks, and brought it home to give to Dearest. He cleaned it up and we swapped wheel decks with his current  worn chair, and he now has the nicest chair in Chez Insanity. We need to take a photo of it, to thank his grand-dad. And I found a shiny dime in the parking lot.

Monster High’s been making the news lately. It’s kind of more of the same, repeated from 2010 and 1959 with Barbie – body too thin, clothing too sexy, etc.- but from NPR this time. You can read and hear their views here. I kind of yawned. At least Forbes was brave enough to say ‘a doll is a toy, why you freakin’ ?’ . You’d think the dolls came out last week instead of over three years ago. Enjoyed reading that their success has taken even Mattel by surprise, I kinda wanted to believe that when availability bobbles first started to surface in 2011. I tell ya, by the time you finish with both articles, you are pretty darn sick of reading ‘Goth Barbie’ over and over for a while. 

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  1. Well, at least the npr article isn't filled with too much misogyny. Funny how these "oh noes Barbie is pregnant/punk/tattooed/whatever now what has the world come to will somebody PLEASE think of the children" articles are usually a very unsubtle cover for what is basically taking a swing at feminity in one way or another.
    (sorry if this comment is too political, feel free to delete it if it is :) )