Monday, July 29, 2013

Hi, Operetta !

Current Notes : Here's Signature Operetta in Picture Day's dress, jewelry, and shoes. Forgot to put the corset/belt on, but I think it looks nice without. Well worth the $20. and three-week wait, just for her outfit and shoes, in my opinion ! 

Beloved Hubby and I are looking at the end of yet another era. Our last inflatable bed has become unsleepable, and it’ll be a bit before we can afford another nice one. So we’re going to retrieve our old coils-and-box-springs one from DM & FIL’s tomorrow, dust and clean it up and put it back to use. We’d have had to anyway, since their house isn’t good for air mattresses – there’s hidden carpet tack strip and splinters from the hardwood floors that appear and vanish at random. We could probably squeeze one more inflatable bed out of the budget, but it’d end up being a waste of money whether it lasted long enough or not. So, no time like the present of tomorrow !

Just didn’t feel like sewing today, so I did little necessary things, like putting books away, finding a better stand for my Catwalk Kitty, rearranging some dolls around, scanning patterns, and such. Broke Picture Day Operetta’s box down for images and parts, stuffed ‘em in the shipping packages, and got those in the Dumpster and out of the way. Went to clear the XD camera memory chip, and it’s working now, so I’m glad I didn’t have to. Embroidery Library kindly gave me a $10. birthday gift certificate that expires tomorrow, so I found several designs I liked, and got them downloaded and arranged. Even though I’ve only touched ‘Brody’, the embroidery machine, to use it as temporary storage for the Barbie boat bridge, then for photos with Joel, the gargoyle CAM, in the last year, I still think that one day, I’ll start embroidering again – I don’t know why I haven’t in so long. Anyway, new designs for when I do. Thanks, Embroidery Library, for the thoughtful gift !

So, not a big, busy day – I got a nap, and fell asleep again while reading ! – but a nice one. Hope yours was gently sweet, too ! 

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