Thursday, July 25, 2013

Howleen's Haircut !

Current Notes : Now that Flickr is back up, Howleen's photo's been redone. I think she's adorable ! 

Still having trouble getting to sleep. Once asleep, I lay there like a slug for hours, but getting there has been 99% of the battle. Realized I’ve become lazy while I was sick, and since I recently preached at Beloved Hubby that relatives wouldn’t need so many sleep aids if they just got some exercise made me realize I haven’t been getting much of it either. So I did a quick cycle of leg and arm lifts, then some other basic calisthenics that soon had me winded. Not good. Well, time for me to get back on that pony before I try to sell her siblings to anyone else !

I also had an attack of nostalgia. When I first started sewing – for Barbie, of course ! – I was as hungry for patterns as I often get for treats and snacks. Could I ever have enough ? Even when I had some so complicated they looked like Shuttle blueprints, I still searched out more. Our entire library system had just one pattern book at the time, Dressing Dolls, by Charlene Davis Roth. I kept it for the maximum time allowed, photocopying it several times. But only the Barbie patterns. The other dolls were too small or too old – it was published in 1976, but the baby and toddler dolls used seemed even older. First doll dress I ever completed was from that book – it was solid awful, but the best thing I’d sewn at the time, and I was glowing proud. Thank Everything our digital camera wasn’t up to getting clear photos of it ! It really was bad, but it showed me I could do it, and finish with a doll dress the doll could actually wear.

Saw the book again on eBay a few days ago, and got all glassy-eyed over it. It’d only cost ten bucks to buy it, shipping and all, but…our Library still had that same copy. Picked it up today, and I doubt I’ll be scanning anything, but I’m having the most fun just looking at it. And wondering if the Barbie ‘Lounging Pajama’ pattern would work for the MH crowd. I owe that book quite a bit, and will probably buy it eventually. Just to have.

Also from ‘things plucking right at the edge of my consciousness’,  recent pictures of Howleen have irritated me. I’m upset at m’self for wrecking her hair. I should have just left it in those huge curls instead of trying to straighten it a little – some of it frayed a bit, and the rest went so straight, it was sharp ! With quite a bit of ugly fray-frizz. At least I’d been smart enough to leave her bangs alone. I hate to say it, but I’ve been contemplating finding a new Howleen, but you know how I am with a doll I have a history with, and money. I tend to cling to whatever I have, especially when I don’t have any of the second – and it wasn’t the doll’s fault I wrecked her. Plus, I just ‘fixed’ her hands the way I liked, I really should try to fix her hair, too.

And since I wasn’t able to sleep anyway, no time like the present. Found the stuffed tube I use for pagegirl styles and got to work. I kinda didn’t want to default to my standard usual hairdo, but I knew it’d look good on her, I’d like her new look, and I could do it fairly well. Boiled it in the wee hours, cut it this afternoon – not bad ! I still wish I hadn’t messed with her hair to begin with, but I like her new ‘do much better ! 


  1. aww, Howleen looks so adorable!

  2. Aw! Her hair looks lovely like that! Good job!