Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The occasional late-night sand can become a creative pearl sometimes...

Current Mood : Happy and sleepy. Two dwarves at once !

Everyone went to bed early last night, but for whatever reason, my mind was racing and I just couldn’t settle enough to sleep. Since I was up anyway, I sewed late into the morning, and crashed after creating a simple t-shirt style piece for Heath and a test of the third revision to that Russian Barbie pattern for Abbey with the ‘busy’ print I reclaimed yesterday. Came out so nice, I made a ‘simple’ shirt to go with her skirt this morning, but it took over an hour. I thought it’d be ‘fold and sew and Velcro ™’, but then it needed darts, then it was too snugly fitted to use Velcro ™ on, so I had to hand-sew a snap…the simplest ones are the time sinks sometimes.

It still looked a little plain, and I’m kind of tired of strapless, so I added ribbon straps. That made Heath’s shirt look really blah, so he got a ribbon stripe, too. I gained an added respect for anyone who sews ribbon. It’s a real fight to keep that stuff straight long enough to sew it down ! I thought about making Heath some shorts, but was afraid I’d send some fans over the edge, so I kept him in his issue pants. I may stitch up some white pants later, though.

Happily, it was time for photos…but now the camera didn’t work. I was lucky it was just the nearly decade-old 2GB XD chip, and that I’d not only kept the small ones that came with cameras past and present, but I knew exactly where they were. A 16MB chip doesn’t hold much, but it’s enough for my purposes. Later tonight, I have to find out what hit the 2GB – the camera kept saying it wasn’t initialized, and the computer said it was damaged, but the repairs it effected didn’t affect it at all.

Wish me luck ! 

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