Friday, November 18, 2011

Wish clubs in my school had been this cool !

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I noticed that, while it's easy to find images of Ghoulia's Comic Book Club outfit (sold separately), I never saw a photo of the box back. And if you know anything at all about Monster High fans, they want images of the front, the back, the spines, scans of the papers inside, you name it. So, here's the back of the box.

I wondered - while I held it in my hands, natch ! - what made me want this so much. Sure, it's for Ghoulia, but I still feel like DIsArmyWife about breaking her arm the other day, like I'm barely trustworthy with any doll, much less MHs and Ghoulias. And I know I wanted to pair her 'brain' patterned shirt from the Fearleader set with the matching skirt included here, but that's not enough of an obsession to warrant paying as much as I did. Oh, don't worry, it wasn't ridiculous, and was the lowest BuyItNow going, 'cause I got tired of waiting, but it was higher than the issue price, darn it. My seller was awesome, though. 

Now, where was I...? Oh, yeah. What really sold this set to me was the green glasses - awesome ! - and the DeadFast action figure. I was dead set (ha-ha) against getting the ComicCon limited edition Ghoulia, much as I loved the character and even what she represented. But there was no way I could 1) pay that much for her and not play with her and 2) pay that much and play with her. I know, it makes no sense at all, but I'd feel stupid for deboxing and stupid for not deboxing, all at the same time. In the end, even when I might have snagged one at a reasonable rate from after the Con, I had already seen the Club outfit and figured it was better for me. Barbie has pretty much wrecked any lingering 'limited edition / keep in box forever to maintain value' thoughts I once had. So, months after Comic Con was over and I still didn't have it, I got obsessed. And there it is. You'd think Mattel would pay for psych eval of their consumers like this.

Speaking of Ghoulia's broken arm, I glued it back today, with special plastic adhesive Beloved Hubby bought for me. Hope it works. I know her elbow won't move again, but even with a straight arm, she's lovely and can try on clothes I'm working on. If I ever get to that.

Had my medical appointment and came home to notification of two more. Evidently, I'm gonna get tested for sleep apnea, which is scary. Those CPAP masks you have to wear at night scare me a little. And my diabetic classes are scheduled. (sigh) Sometimes I wonder what's keeping me together, if it isn't my guys and my obsessions !

Beloved's off for now through next weekend - Thanksgiving holiday in the US - so we'll probably run a few fun errands tomorrow. I just have to tamp down the impulse to call all the Justice stores in the immediate area, in case they got any Gil dolls in stock in the last 48 hours ! 

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  1. Hey Ghoulia deserves a cute outfit! (and you do too, since you fixed her broken arm! =D )