Sunday, November 27, 2011

And they don't see him either. Darn it.

Current Mood : Heaving sighs...

After a leisurely morning spent with more cereal crunching than actual conversation, Beloved Hubby and I both realized that we needed new material to read. Most of my books are with me, but I've read 'em a few dozen times, and he's joyously in pre-college study mode. Dearest Son enjoys the nightly ritual of Granny reading to him, but he was really bored with her preferred material, the Little House on the Prairie series. He wanted to get some different books, "so she'd have something new to read". So, we were off to the library ! Well, we are pretty broke...

Ended up spending nearly two hours there ! It's smaller than the library in Former City, so I didn't think they'd have much, but they have more manga and teen vampire novels than Borders, may that book chain rest in peace. There's a whole shelf of sewing books I can investigate, and I came home with Subversive Seamster, a book of directions and tips on how to make blouses and pillowcases out of thrift store finds. I've already discovered that most of the projects don't apply to me - they kinda depend on their readers being about a size six to eight, for their 'huge size 16 man-shirt' revamps to work - but I was hoping for a few ideas anyway. I'll probably return the book when we take back the DVDs  (That Darn Cat and a Bakugan disc) next week.

I also got a couple of Mercedes Lackey books. I enjoyed the Heralds of Valdemar series - especially the Queen's Own novels - and decided I wanted to read a few of them again. Got 'em !

Afterwards, we went to a 'last spree' sort of thing at a nearby restaurant. It'll be a while before we get to go out again, so we really enjoyed it. Much as I worry about him, Dearest behaves well in restaurants, although he does get a little bored waiting for food.  Glad we had some new books to talk about !

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