Sunday, November 20, 2011

One of the greatest zombie love stories ever told....

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You see before you, on your left, my latest goal. I fully intend to make my own Slow-Moe, using this custom as inspiration and guide. Isn't it fantastic ? I could swear it was a prototype, except for the sandals. This is the awesome work of xVivienx on Flickr, and I am entranced. I doubt I can do as well, but I'm gonna try !

Couldn't find a decent shade of grey paint, but I stole her tip and got another Gloom Beach Jackson Jekyll while we were out today. With a big storm coming, the utility company took today - yeah, a Sunday ! - to remove the old electric pole and replace it with a shiny new one. So the whole neighborhood was without power for a couple hours. No biggie. We went out for a while, for tools (Starlight's getting fixed soon !) , lunch, and Bakugan. We'd promised to take Dearest Son to Mal-Wart when our last trip to a brick-and-bathroom TRU was less than impressive. But we stopped at Lowe's first, since tools are very important !

Dearest found a few goodies and Beloved Hubby found the tools he needs, and Airsoft hobby stuff. We also snagged a new shower head and faucet set for the bathroom. While we have glorious hot water now, the shower itself is barely a trickle, and Beloved figured the old plumbing was simply worn out. And he was right - after an hour of soldering and installing, we have glorious pressure now ! He also replaced a broken part to DMIL and DFIL's refrigerator ice maker, so they're happy.

I was not a good person this morning, I must confess. ToysRUs had the "Dawn of the Dance" Monster High dolls on sale, for just $7.99 each. Too bad that was only for Frankie, Cleo, and Clawdeen, I already have them. If they'd had Deuce and Ghoulia, I'd have snapped them up and not thought twice. You may not be surprised to learn that I had to seriously beat m'self back from ordering all three again anyway, for shoes and clothes. Had 'em in the virtual shopping cart and everything. Decided I'd rather try to customize my own Slow-Moe, and returned it all to stock, for someone else to enjoy.

Now I can, without guilt, buy a pair of those awesome MH shoes Jemgirl makes !

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