Friday, November 25, 2011

When Jack Sparrow can't get you out of the 'bleh's...oh, sorry. Captain Jack Sparrow...

Current Mood : Meh. 

Kind of a bleh day, not much going on. The high point was going grocery shopping, and we even waited 'til late to do that, to avoid the Black Friday mobs. Did ya'll hear about that woman who maced other Mal-Wart shoppers, to get to the 'deals' ? The cops called it 'competitive shopping', which I feel downplays the seriousness of her assault. There's not a darn thing made in China, now or ever, that's worth sending people to the hospital to obtain. Especially at a discount.

We took it really easy, watched Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides on rental DVD, and just sort of frittered the day away. Dearest Son made his traditional holiday 'Wish List' - he wants DracuLaura and Clawdeen's beds, among other toys. He happily spent the rest of the day making a dollhouse / high school out of one of his bookcases, chattering on and on about Toralei arriving soon.

He also found a single stray Dark of the Moon Nitro Bumblebee MechTech Transformer toy at Aldi's - for less than five bucks ! He wants me to hold him for Christmas, so we are. I think he's too distracted by Toralei to want to figure out configuring more Transformers !

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