Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Here's a big smile for ya !

Current Mood : Hungry

Finally - a pretty image of Ghoulia smiling ! She usually has this 'slasher smile' that's frightening in its comic intensity, but not very attractive. It's from a Tesco exclusive video found here - http://direct.tesco.com/content/specials/monster-high.aspx . It really is cute, and features Slow-Moe and the other zombie fighting over her in 'Bermuda Love Triangle', along with geometry.

After all the walking around yesterday, I was pretty tired today, which was sort of depressing. I used to be able to walk (and shop !) forever. Ah, well. It was a good day for finishing half-done sudoku puzzles from the weekly alternative tabloid, and boiling doll hair. Poor Dead Tired DracuLaura needed it ! Even free of the rubber bands, her hair stuck straight up, just fanned out more. Yikes. She looked like she spent a super-charged night on Frankie's bed !

So I got water going, and totally forgot to not get her bangs wet. Yup, they stuck straight out, at about a 45-degree angle to her forehead. Gave her a quick cold-water rinse so I could touch her enough to get a clear elastic rubber band - from her packaging ! - over them, to hold 'em down. Her hair still flew everywhere when dry, so I soaked her again, and she's still wet. Here's hoping it looks better tomorrow !

The filtered water function in the fridge is fixed, so I'm back to drinking water over Kool-Aid or sodas. It's better for me, and I've really missed it. Even though regular soda is tasting better these days...so is cheese.

Makes me wonder - have I overcome whatever was making food taste so bad, or am I healthy enough now that everything tastes normal again ? I'll probably never know.

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