Monday, November 21, 2011

The sleepiest DracuLaura yet !

Current Mood : Joyous !

Today was a big day for us - Beloved Hubby is all registered for college ! I'm so proud of him, and happy, since this is what he's wanted for as long as I've known him. He's a little nervous and excited, so I got to ride along and keep him company during the process, which was mostly 'go here, do this paperwork, then take it over here and get it stamped, then take that form and another one over here...'. I got my walking in today, that's for sure ! Too bad I'm so wiped out, I can barely type !

We also got to spend a little time out and about - I found a new Goodwill near the campus, and cajoled him into going. Right inside the door, we found brand-new Bakugan figures, about four each of two sets of two. I recognized the name on one of 'em, and we got the best-looking ones, just $2. each ! We debated on holding them for the holidays, but Dearest Son is mercurial about his interests. This is the third go-round on Bakugan ! It's possible he might not want them by then, so we gave them to him tonight. It was so cute - he wanted to wait to open one set, although he ripped eagerly into the familiar-named one. The preserved set is 'too epic' to open now, he says. Squeee !

Speaking of toys, it's official - I am now a Monster High attractor. After finding zilch in the store, I took a quick spin around the display case, and noted a familiar looking shoe. DracuLaura's Dead Tired slipper. Hmmm... I soon spotted a box liner lying face down in the case, with $3.99 inked on it, and could tell that it was definitely a MH doll. Excitedly, I asked to see it. Yup. DT DracuLaura - but missing her left hand, right shoe, the stick part of her stand, and her 'Scary Human Movies' prop.

Ordinarily, I would have had no problems at all shelling $4. for her, but the missing hand made it a challenge to justify. While I hawed, the manager (not the cashier) flipped the box over, wrote '$1.99" on it and asked if I'd like it now. OH, yeah ! Not sure what I'd do about the hand, since buying it from Mattel Consumer Relations would bring her cost to within a buck or two of full retail (with all the props), but I just couldn't leave her there. I was probably the only one who'd showed any interest at all.

So she's here now, and I've decided to keep her. But you know me, if a doll has her hair up, I'll have it taken down in a couple days. So, stay tuned for that boil-perm update !

We also found a wonderful Korean grocery store, and drifted down the aisles. So many wonderful things to try ! Live fish, too - huge catfish and some other unidentifiable flat kind. Dearest enjoyed the 'Hello Panda' cookies we got him, and I couldn't stop eating the Mizuho brand rice crackers until the package was empty. And Beloved got the cooking chopsticks he's been wanting, along with a package of regular, pretty dining ones. I hope we go back there soon !

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