Thursday, November 24, 2011

Too evil for gratitude...(sigh)

Current Mood : Slightly ticked.

Sorry I'm late with entries again. It's kind of hard to explain, but let me put it this way - until today, I was almost afraid to write, because I didn't want to say what was most on my mind. I still don't, it's minor stuff, I know how petty I'm being, and nothing's changed since Monday - in fact, today it got worse ! But there's not much that can be done now, I just have to deal.

(sigh) Maybe I can boil it down this way - have you ever known someone who has the least resources of all your peers, but wasted the most ? Like using three paper towels to dry a pair of glasses, when you were the one who bought the paper towels in the first place, to help out ? And then, after you'd helped out all month and felt good about doing so, thinking you'd made a difference, your impoverished buddy showed off the fresh, new Coach purse she just bought, 'cause she 'saved sooo much money this month !'. Kinda like that, but not specifically. I don't feel I can criticize, but it's still hard to keep my mouth shut sometimes. Ok, ok, it's hard for me to keep my mouth shut all the time...

And clearly, on Thanksgiving, I need to focus on gratitude, not wanting to tear my hair out !

I have to reset the MH shelf, with all the new dolls needing a place to stand, but I wanted today's image of Ghoulia, before she got moved and redressed. She looks so pretty in the light.

Met our new across-the-street neighbors this morning, since it was such a lovely day, anyone who could spent it outside if possible. We won't have too many more days like today for the rest of the year ! They're really nice, and wished Beloved luck on Starlight, which he appreciated.

Speaking of 'my' Honda Accord, Beloved successfully extracted the transmission late this morning. I was surprised to learn that, when you buy a transmission from a parts place, you have to turn one in, or pay even more. At first, I thought it was a 'core charge', like for a car battery, but it isn't. And, heck, it's good to know he can get that thing out before we buy another one to put in. Hopefully the parts yard will be open tomorrow, we can't find the hours anywhere.

If they are, it'll be the only thing we buy. I refuse to get involved in Black Friday, and I've been like that ever since some woman in a huge SUV darn near ran over me in a parking lot - she was too busy talking on the phone. When I yelled 'HEY ! Watch out !', of course she looked at me like I was the moron who'd somehow materialized outta nowhere in front of her chrome grill. When that Mal-Wart employee died by trampling a couple years ago, I knew I'd never go again.

But if you're going out, please be careful and stay warm ! I hope you had a great day today, your tummy's happy, and your mind is at rest. As for me, I have such a yen for popcorn right now...

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  1. I have been in your shoes before, I understand the feelings. Sending HUGS your way! Ghoulia looks wonderful! Hope you find the parts you need... Hope you have a wonderful peaceful weekend!