Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Greatest gift *EVER* !

Current Mood : Thrilled !

Current Image Notes : You may recognize it, it's an old photo, but Starlight's not changed much. Well, we did get the dust and 'bird notes' off, and she has fresher dust now, but otherwise, she's the same. And I'm still lazy. 

STARLIGHT IS WORKING !! That's the big news for the rest of the year !
Beloved Hubby bought a new-to-us transmission yesterday, and began work on installing it in place of the old, fried one. It was soon dark, then too dark even with the shop lights, to work out there, but he was back at it first thing this morning.

I was with him for most of it, I don't like him being under a car up on jacks all alone. So I sit and chat with him when I can, or read when he's absorbed. All the time, there's a cell phone in my lap, just in case. I was lucky that it was such a nice day - a bit cool, but not at all uncomfortable with my ole hoodie jacket. Read all the directions for Simplicity #1955, doesn't seem too difficult. I hope to sew View D, the ruffled-collar jacket, soon.

Around mid-day, he had it back in, then after lunch, he was busy with connections and reinstalling everything he'd had to move and remove to get to the old transmission last week. We're missing a few screws, which was aggravating since he'd bagged and stored everything carefully, but he found replacements and around 4pm, we had a fully-functioning Honda Accord !

So he's feeling quite proud of himself - justifiably so ! - especially considering he never tackled anything this big before. Radiators, yes, transmissions, no. We took her out for a spin, and filled her gas tank. Less than $20., when filling the Diesel-truck is usually near $70. on a good day. So I'm thrilled, he's proud, and Dearest Son is bouncing around in joy.

Of course, having a working car means I need to get all the stuff I stored in her seats and trunk from the move redistributed...but I'm glad to do it. I've already found a new use for the cat-fabric folding knitting basket I bought years ago. You've seen 'em for decades, they have a wooden frame that folds small and flat, but opens big and square. I used mine most recently to store tulle and netting. Opened near my Everything Arena, it gives my oxygen tube hose a dedicated place to be - off the main house thoroughfare, and away from my second-hand office chair, where it always tangles and gets rolled over on, all the time. Heck, that knitting basket's more valuable to me now than ever !

For some reason, I was really tired, although I did pretty much nothing all day but watch Beloved...fell asleep twice reading a Mercedes Lackey book, which isn't like me, even with a volume I've read before. So I'm packin' it in early tonight...but I'm so proud of Beloved, I'm about to burst !

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