Saturday, November 19, 2011

Now, I just have to work on the props for "Velcro Fly"...

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Today was so much fun ! Beloved Hubby was off, so we slept in, and went to Former Town to run a few errands. Finally got the 'not keeping' DVDs traded to Hastings, and scored $27. ! Not too shabby. Nothing new in their Monster High section - well, they had new-to-them stuff, although it was all merch I already had - but they did have Agatha H. and the Airship City, a novelization of Phil and Kaja Foglio's Girl Genius web comic. While it's been kinda slow for the last year or so, I'm still mostly devoted to it, and had been looking for the book since it was published in January. Even though it's a text version of the same story I've read online, I liked the style and decided to snag it. It covers from the start of the webcomic to the escape from Castle Wulfenbach, the aforementioned Airship City. Looking forward to digging in.

Dearest Son found some Bakugan books, one graphic, one text, and Beloved scored a study guide to higher mathematics, a subject he feels weakest in. With his upcoming education - he'll start in January - anything that'll make him feel more confident and positive is a good thing. I also found two novels in the Used section, on markdown, 2 for 99c. Of course, they rang up as $6.99 each, even with all the marker lines and Markdown stickers. Equally of course, I brought it up to the cashier, who fixed it. Hmpft.

We couldn't decide on lunch, having had a late breakfast, so we ended up with convenience store hot dogs and soda. It's not often you can feed a family of three for five bucks, and it isn't widely advised, but it certainly was tasty ! Got misplaced library books turned in, and headed to another strip mall - Goodwill was in that one !

(sigh) But we didn't find anything. It was crowded and busy and messy, and frankly, depressing. Ever go to a thrift store where even the books are broken ? By now I was a little tired and we still had a few groceries to score and some RedBox to turn in (btw, Everything Must Go is also kinda depressing), so we headed home. I was about to fall asleep !

I got a few chapters into Happiness Sold Separately, one of the markdown Hastings books, before I crashed for a solid two-hour nap. Played with Abbey Bominable for a while, and tested 'Physical Deaducation' Ghoulia's glued-yesterday arm. Seems to be holding OK, but I'm really timid around it. Don't want to break it again !

Toralei Stripe, the MH orange cat-girl, has been listed on, and was even marked as 'in stock' for a short while, according to folk at the LiveJournal group. Unfortunately, there are either sooo many people trying to get her, or the site itself was buggy for a short while after she appeared, because it crashed completely for a half hour or so. Then, when the dust settled, everyone who'd managed to click on it found their shopping carts empty and a reset to 'out of stock'. Not surprisingly, this upset a lot of people.

 While it may be hard to believe that MH fans managed to scuttle a big-company website, I can believe that's exactly what happened. I felt bad for everyone who had one, I sorta went through the same thing with the K-Mart site a few days ago. Luckily that had a happy-for-me ending, and I hope that for everyone here, too. 

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