Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Love is a Bat-tlefield !

Current Mood : Delighted !

Dearest Son is driving me nuts, and now I know how Beloved Hubby must feel. Dearest has decided he wants a Toralei doll for Christmas, and he's making sure I don't go ten whole minutes in a row without knowing that. I've told him several times that he needs to write it down for his wish list Thursday after supper, but he still likes to tell me how awesome he thinks Toralei is. Along with repeatedly watching any episode she's in. Over and over and over... 

Meanwhile, I haven't even opened mine yet, even though I don't have a real reason for not doing so. And now I feel that I can't, since playing with mine (and he will) kinda cuts the fun of having your own, ya know ?

So we were really lucky when had her for issue price - the two Justice! stores near us were sold out - today. She's been ordered, and is on the way. And yes, they don't have Gil yet either. Ah, well.

And here's what Dead Tired DracuLaura's hair looks like now. Part of it is still flying up in the back, but I'm hoping that'll ease down with time and gravity. I'm really enjoying her almost Pat Benatar-ish look ! 

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