Monday, November 28, 2011

It's embarrassing how many dolls are still wearing their issue clothes around here.

Current Mood : Bleh. Again. 

A rather bleh day today - I think everyone played games and read more than anything else. Beloved Hubby worked on Starlight-car for a while, and picked up a new-to-her transmission from a pick-a-part yard, just as it got dark. The yard hadn't been able to pick it any earlier. So everyone sort of goofed around, and it would have been a great day to sew...

And I don't know why I didn't. I have a pattern I wanna sew all printed out and ready, and there wasn't a thing holding me back...but I didn't do it, preferring to just space out and read. Well, maybe that is somehow what I needed, but I really need to shake off this lethargy more !

Dearest Son wanted a Torelei Stripe - that orange Monster High cat-girl - more than anything for Christmas, so we ordered one when they suddenly became available. Our local Justice stores have been picked clean since I got mine. His arrived today, and since he already knew we ordered it, we asked if he wanted us to hold it a month, or if he wanted to open it now. 'Now' won, no surprise. So, for fun, we opened ours up together. He's fond of telling me that mine has a slight streak of red paint on one hand, so I'll probably leave it there, to tell them apart.

For some reason, though, the stand that came with his won't stay 'locked' at the stand and pole base, so it's been glued and is drying on my desk. He knows to put the 'waist' catch of the stand on the doll first, then slide it on the 'stick' part. It's probably good to go now, but I know that if I hand it to him, the first thing he'll try to do is pull it apart again, so I'll let it cure here overnight, just in case. 

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