Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome to National Sewing Month !

Several years ago, waaaay back when I had the Lab (my first doll and sewing room, my very own little kingdom), I first heard of National Sewing Month, and decided to sew something every day, even if it was just repairing a torn pair of sweatpants. May have been around ’06 or so, since I don’t remember either Brody (’09) or MH being involved, and it clearly would have been. And I did, and I think I’ve done it twice more, but the few other attempts either got a late start or I got too sick to continue. This year, I feel pretty good, so I’m gonna try again. We even start out this attempt with a challenge – I was gone nearly all day ferrying  M & FIL around OldTown. 

To compensate, I made something small – the smallest of the three fichu patterns in the Week 4 packet from Jen Wrenne, the latest in her series of freebies celebrating French Fashion dolls. Came out pretty well. Used the markdown trim I bought Sunday with a small scrap of a print I’ve had for years. Scale is much better, but it really looks rather grandmotherly, and not quite right with such a modern doll in modern clothes. Eventually, I’ll find a use for it. Maybe the Leia costume will need a silvery wrap or something. 

Driving the ILs to OldTown turned out to be not bad at all – it’s still hot and sticky, but I got a couple choice goodies from the Dollar aisle at that one grocery store, and it was ‘25% off with Veteran ID’ Tuesday at the Thrift. The AG­-clone Madame Alexander doll was tempting at $3., but I knew I’d never really play with her, and the ‘don’t wet doll’s hair, don’t style doll’s hair’ tag was a bit off-putting. That doll needed hair help, stat ! All I bought was a battery operated food scale (with “Hungry Girl” on it in purple Bewitched font) to replace our move-broken one, for $2.25. Works great – now we don’t need that $10. one at Harbor Freight I’ve been eyeing. Got Beloved Hubby a pair of brand-new jeans for $6.50, too. Tags still sewn on and everything. 

But it was Dearest Son who really scored. He’s been enamored with the idea of finding an old gaming system for weeks now, and he got exactly what he wanted – a PlayStation 2, with a controller and all the wires, and a Transformers game, all for just $26. with my discount. That pretty much drained his savings, and he really is thrilled. It works and everything ! He’ll probably spent the few bucks remaining on another game or another Dollar Tree spree.

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