Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bree has always had an affinity for owls. . .

Busy day today. Got a text late last night from the ILs – they got a lift to their Doctor’s appointments in Old Town, could I take them back for their prescriptions ? Sure, why not ? I was only slated to take Dearest Son to Dollar Tree this morning anyway, and their thing’s in the late afternoon, plenty of time. Dearest wasn’t interested in going, so I left my cell with him and headed back to OldTown with the ILs, grateful it was just gonna be for one time, for two hours, maybe less.

Um, maybe I was being over-optimistic. DTree was a short visit, mostly for snacks and a few other budget needs, but I was still very tired and coughing a lot. I spent most of the interim hours asleep. By the time we got to the Doc’s office to pick up the ‘script ( we ended up waiting nearly an hour for Doc to sign off on FIL’s heavy-duty pain pills, then another half-hour at the pharmacy, with a half-hour drive each way, and of course they’re broke – but I saw three Monarch butterflies ! ), all the coughing had started to make my stomach and chest hurt. On the way to the pharmacy, my hernia started up. No real surprise, given all that pressure and my belly muscles already strained. Hernia hurts like anything, but there’s nothing I can do but tough on through – no way to lie down, no medicine I can take, it’s just pray for sleep usually. Too bad that was off the table this time. 

Desperate for distraction, I dragged m’self through the OldTown thrift store I normally love, while MIL went wild finding big stuff we had no way to get home. FIL was waiting for ‘scripts. I could tell her from experience (snort !) that an office chair just won’t fit in Emmy-car’s trunk no matter how cheap the chair is, and the chest of drawers was right out. For once, I was too ill to fall victim to ‘The Pout’. I was hoping they’d have big bundles of fabric once more, but all they had were three huge plastic tubs of polyester in colors that’d be perfect if I was creating Farmer’s Market Pageant costumes, and even those were $25. each (tub not included). I did snag a small 50¢ heart-shaped pillow made of Mary Engelbreit fabric, thinking I might take the cherry-print ruffle off for another project, but as it turned out, part of the ruffle is massively faded. It’s OK, the cushion’s great in my office chair as back support ! 

Snagged FIL, bought them sodas, and we all headed home. I don’t remember part of the drive. Passed out on the sofa for two hours, and I’m still hurting and exhausted. Thank Everything I don’t have to do a thing tomorrow !

Meanwhile, I wanted to finish out National Sewing Month by stitching up a pattern I just bought – unfortunately, I was too ill to sew anything but the simple one. Still had a real fight on my hands with the ‘simple enough for kids’ sleeves, and that neckline doesn’t lie down right. S’OK, it doesn’t in the pattern image, either – I really should have studied it more, but I wanted a go-to pattern I didn’t have to spend several versions tweaking. This is the Sunshine Dress, by Oh Sew Kat! . Used almost exactly half of a fat quarter. I hope to make the variations real soon !

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  1. Goodness, Dorrie. Better take care of yourself! Not remembering part of the drive back is worrisome. :(