Monday, September 14, 2015

Here's the 'Before' look !

We got cable TV back ! The $5. 50-foot cable we ordered from Amazon came in, and as it turned out, that wasn’t what was wrong. Beloved Hubby said he restarted the DSL router, and that’s what did it, but I swear, I did that at least once, plus again with the AT&T chat rep. Like it matters, I have regular TV for three more months before we axe it. Was kind of tired of cheezy movies and Bridezillas anyway.

As for the National Sewing Month Challenge, I’m doing a two-parter, so rather than show you two almost identical images, I’m gonna show you the little girls’ dress I got from Goodwill yesterday – ‘cause it’ll be in both parts, just different ! It’s a gorgeous stretch velvet, size 5. I always love the idea of recycling clothes, but when it gets to it, I hate cutting into useable clothing. And this dress was really pretty, not a thing wrong with it but a pick or two in the back. I’d have loved it when I was the right age to wear it, heck, I’d wear it in my size now ! But I’ve already pulled all functional clothes from my fabric stash and re-donated them twice, if I insist on buying ‘em, I’m cutting ‘em up already.

So, I can tell you that this dress is already sleeveless – I’ve not really worked with stretch velvet before, relegating it to the ‘beautiful but difficult’ fabric bins. Even the stuff they sell by the yard at Hancock Fabrics, not just recycled outfits, been kinda timid about using. That changed this summer, thanks to Jen Wrenne and a walking foot, so it’s time to try it. Show ya tomorrow ! 

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