Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday just slipped away. . .

Laundry day ! Got it all done, save for my newest fabrics, which I want to do as a series of smaller loads, ‘cause it’d rank if the Elsa blue ran all over the pink knits I got for Dearest Son’s commission. 

You’d think I’d have run out of that green organza by now, I only bought a half-yard of it. But no, I still have about a quarter yard left, maybe a bit less after today’s project. I got to learn a bit more about organza’s ‘hang’ with it, it’s a pull-on half-slip ! Came out kind of cute, although I know my thread trails are much thicker and more noticeable than they should be. Stuff frays bad, and it’s really difficult to apply Fray Check to it. Gathers easily, but you’d best have it Fray-checked or otherwise hemmed at the top, or the gathering stitches will pull right out. 

Did what I could, free-handed the whole thing – no pattern exists, it’s just 2x the doll’s hips then 2.75 for the ruffle, with a casing for the elastic to gather it in at the waist. Not the fabric of choice if you want a straight-hanging slip, but it does have some stiff body to it if you want the skirt on top to poof out. More like a single crinoline than a slip, really. If it weren’t for the fraying part, organza’s no more difficult to work with than a thin woven cotton. Used a regular zig-zag foot for all of this week’s projects.

One thing’s for sure – National Sewing Month’s keeping me busy at home ! I haven’t even missed going out this week !

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