Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Like our Punzie, I'm ready for bed !

Ever distract yourself with stupid, never-will-matter issues when you have real ones sitting right there ? That’s where my mind is today – from all the fabric and book previews Disney and Hancock Fabrics have e-mailed me, I’m really starting to worry about Episode VII. It’s all been spoiler-free, as promised, but between frequently pictured ‘spunky new kid’ and the taglines “You Cannot Escape Your Destiny” and “Your Destiny Awaits You”, I’m beginning to wonder if they chose to go the ‘wishful daydream fantasy nearly all of us had in 1978’ route. You remember the one – somehow the Jedi or Rebels or Imperials (hey, I don’t judge who anybody roots for !) know you’re out there somewhere, and they’ll find you to take you away from your mean parent(s), your awful siblings, your terrible backwater planet, and that jerk in PE class and/or that bully on the bus. Because you’re the savior of the galaxy, and somehow, you knew all along. Thus were a million fanfics born. 

Really, that was half the plot of Episode I anyway. Not a big stretch to revamp it again and sell it as new, not like they haven’t done it before (Death Star II, anyone ?). Crud, the New Galactic Savior plot still makes more sense than midichlorians. Ah, my fangirlhood. Too much history to quit, too disappointed and annoyed to continue.

Well, back to the real issues – evidently the ILs found a way to their prescriptions, it’s been radio silence all day. That’s my punishment for not helping at their beck and call, you know, I don’t get to know that they’re OK. I’d call to check up on them, but that’s how this whole mess started, and at the rate things keep escalating, I’d end up taking them to Disney World by month’s end. So I’ll let things lie, I’m sure they’ll call when they need me again. (sigh)

Caught up on some neglected housework, cleaned up and swept the Arena and the hallway. Found a great website with some designs I really liked and spent the last of my fun funds. Wheee ! Didn’t leave me much time to sew, but I wanted to keep up Organza week, so I employed the least expensive of my new designs and made a quick, simple sleep mask from felt, organza, fold over elastic, tear-away stabilizer, and thread. Add in the design to all the materials and it probably cost about a buck and a quarter, tops. Next one is darn near free ! (grin) Stitching itself took less than five minutes, not counting cutting, hooping, and all the little things. Too bad I don’t need many AG-sized sleep masks !

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