Sunday, September 27, 2015

Of moons and space wars. . .

Dearest Son has fallen in love with Star Wars again – at least it’s the ones I like, the Luke/ Leia/ Han ones – and watched all three today. So of course I pulled up the Rebel Alliance keychain design I got on sale back on Star Wars day (May 4th, for you sticklers), and whipped one out for him. Less than a half hour from recycled stabilizer hooping  to presentation, and he loves it. Even used a star snap on it, first time I’ve ever tried one of those. (grin) No matter how sick I feel, I can knock out a key fob !

Speaking of, bought a new machine embroidery design because a fan posted a tutorial. I couldn’t ‘see’ how it worked before. It’s actually quite cool – makes two different shapes of vinyl snap-pouch, even with my 4x4 hoop ! One holds a gift or ID card. It was a bit pricey at $5., but I got a free cute spider key fob design with it, which I’ll probably use soon. And the snap-pouches will make great doll purses ! Think I’ll break out some of that UltraSuede to experiment with, I got tons of ideas. Saved the helpful photos with the design, and thanked the contributor – hope he/she does that again sometime !

Cold is a little better, a little worse. Got to sleep a little last night – night before, I was up every hour, clearing my nose – but I can’t get very far from a supply of tissues. I’ve even been coughing it up, which hurts, but not much. Drinking a lot of water helps. Still not hungry, and we’re awash in good things to eat. But most of them, even decent chocolate, hurts my throat. Seems rough going down, somehow. Tomorrow should feel better.

Got to see the lunar eclipse, too. When Beloved and I went out, the moon was red, with just a tiny white crescent at the bottom – it reminded me a bit of that Rebel Alliance logo ! Beautiful, but a bit eerie. When Dearest and I went out an hour later, it was a half-moon, all white. How fortunate we were that it wasn’t so cloudy here ! Thanks, Luna !

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